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Shake your breast to play basketball

2022-06-23 23:15Live matches
Summary: How do you shake people when playing basketballIt's easy to shake people, but you need to practice dribbling well first. If it's 3v3, you can dribble in place first. When someone comes up and gr
How do you shake people when playing basketball
It's easy to shake people, but you need to practice dribbling well first. If it's 3v3, you can dribble in place first. When someone comes up and grabs it, you can speed it up
When playing basketball, I always shake my body
There may be two reasons. First of all, the psychological self-confidence is not enough. Maybe the landlord didn't realize it, maybe subconsciously. Second, and most likely. The upper body strength of the landlord is not enough, especially the strength of the waist and abdomen, so he can't well master the balance of the body in the process of confrontationHow to play basketball
First of all, you should have skilled dribbling skills. When facing your opponent, you should accelerate your body and run in the same direction with your eyes, arms and legs. Then suddenly turn to the other side and forcibly pull back. Repeat twice. The other party was basically shaken away. Of course, you can only shake away without speed, and you never want to shake anyone down. LookHow to shake people when playing basketball
The feeling of breakthrough, and then the center of the whole body is lowered instantly. The ball is quickly transported to the left hand after one hit, and then one landing passes. However, this can only be done with good ball skills. The most important thing to practice ball skills is to touch the ball more. Then you can look at other people's action essentials and try to imitate themPlaying basketball has the details of those classic moves
The left foot slides gently across an arc with the front C02 hand. When C03 releases the ball, pay attention to the gentle action. C04 the ball should bounce gently, so that the left leg can pass through C05 and the left foot can land on the groundIs it the most shameful thing to play basketball
Not really. The defenders are very active whShake your breast to play basketballen they are shaken down. What shame do brave people have. It's shameful to see the opponent's defense, jump in place and not throw the ball. As long as it's easy to play on the court, there's nothing shameful. It is shameful to be timid and dare not challengeHow to shake people when playing basketball
It is best to go online to find some relevant videos to learn. Generally speaking, if you don't understand it, just look for the video. The front is usually a cross dribble to sway the defender. Facing the defender, keep a certain distance. This distance needs to be realized in practice. It varies from person to personHow to shake people down in basketball
First, use your right hand to dribble the ball to the basket, find the right shooting distance, step down to dribble the ball to your left hand, and then move the right foot to the right at the moment when the right ball is in your right hand and hasn't hit the ground. The larger the foot, the better, but not more than one step. Shake your whole body and the ball to the rightHow to make a breakthrough in basketball
Dribbling is to break through. To break through, the body of the attacking team member must pass. What does the body rely on to drive, step! So the footwork is the most important. Here are my personal opinions on footwork when dribbling and passing (of course, footwork at other times is also very important): 1. Lower the center of gravityHow to play basketball effectively
According to the position and defensive habits of the opposing defensive players, the defensive actions of the opposing defensive players are predicted, and the skillful left and right hand direction change is the most effective. The premise is to have self-confidence and solid basic skills
Shake your breast to play basketball

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