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I'm a basketball thief

2022-06-23 20:07Live matches
Summary: Why can playing basketball attract girlsI'm not in the mood to fall in love anymore. I think playing basketball thieves is very exciting. I was 22 at that time, I was about to graduate from college
Why can playing basketball attract girls
I'm not in the mood to fall in love anymore. I think playing basketball thieves is very exciting. I was 22 at that time, I was about to graduate from college, and I didn't talk to anyone. I was the kind of person who kept single in various ways. Neither straight men nor licking dogs for two girls for a year. I feel very boring. It's better to wI'm a basketball thiefatch the game with relishWho can give a nickname that sounds domineering? I like playing basketball, and dribbling is very coquettish, lazy is also very accurate
What does it mean to play coquettish
Good skills, accurate shooting, passing the ball
Is there such a saying when playing basketball
This is just a nickname on the court. For example, we call San Bu Zhan impotence here, which is not an insult to basketball. After all, basketball is a sport dominated by young people. In view of the rich imagination and relaxation of young people, these are just fun. I don't think it has any practical meaning. Just have funWhat is the experience of a fat man with gorgeous basketball skills
But I firmly believe that if you feel good, you can try no matter how bad your shooting choice is. Imagine playing a passer-by game in the United States. 15 points count as a win, three points count as two, and two points count as one. I got 13 points for the whole team. A game is finished in five minutes. I usually get three pointsReally annoying, playing basketball meets a group of Shan Sao Wang
I have also encountered this kind of thing. There is no need to pay attention to this kind of small thing. There is nothing to be bothered about. Playing ball is mainly entertainment. If you are really upset, you can prove your own strength and let him believe you, so that he will pass the ball to you. If you still can't, you won't play with him, but with someone elseDoes basketball make you coy
It should be said that when he plays basketball, his shooting is different from others. If he is not very accurate, the scoring process is very tortuous. For example, he turns the basket a few times and likes to put the big board into the box
... Every time I see those topless, sunny and handsome boys playing basketball, I want to have a look and feel
That must be your B is very fat, you are coquettish, very dry, total running water? Shall I lick it for you? It doesn't matter to drink some urineBoys Wade barefoot to play basketball. What kind of operation is this
After some boys fell down, they just shook in the water twice and had a good time. This is the most interesting thing I have ever seen in my life. I think such a boy is really cheerful. Speaking of basketball, it is a boy's favorite. Of course, many female friends like playing basketball. When we go to schoolIs there a saying "Sao" in playing basketball
What they said is not correct. In fact, this is a word invented by some people themselves (on the court). It is more popular in the northeast. It is estimated that you are also from the northeast. For example, the ball that should have been thrown bounced out, but the ball that should have been missed was scored. It is similar to your friend. It refers to what should be done
I'm a basketball thief

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