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Play basketball again basketball training

2022-06-23 17:04Live matches
Summary: Basketball trainingI didn't know anything at the beginning of learning basketball. Now I'm the main force of proofreading. First of all, I need to practice basic skills. Only solid basic skills
Basketball training
I didn't know anything at the begPlay basketball again  basketball traininginning of learning basketball. Now I'm the main force of proofreading. First of all, I need to practice basic skills. Only solid basic skills can make a move perfect. Just like practicing martial arts, only a good horse step can make the fist stable and powerful. (1) physical strength: no physical strength until the endHow to get started with basketball
I am 24 years old. I am 168cm tall and 52kg in weight. I am an it family. I sit in front of the computer all day. It is very bad for my health. I want to play basketball. I have a basic sense of the ball. I can play three-step layups. My shooting hit rate is avePlay basketball again  basketball trainingrage. My bounce and strength are very average. My confrontation is poor. There is a technical secondary school near where I live. I can play wild ball with technical secondary school students. How can I improve my basketball levelWhat are the disadvantages of playing basketball with weight every day
You're right upstairs! Personally, I suggest the landlord not to play with a heavy load, which is too heavy on the knee. As we all know, the knee is a place where basketball players are more likely tPlay basketball again  basketball trainingo be injured, and once injured, the damage to bounce and explosive force is irreversible. I am a tragic exampleSome questions about basketball
Just like when I first learned basketball. Congratulations, you have a good three-point shooting rate. It is likely that you have reduced two-point training while training three-point shooting. The shooting feeling of two-point and three-point shooting is different. Therefore, you should practice more two-point shooting off the court, and practice fixed-point shooting and free throw at the same timeThe problem of basketball shooting posture
Landlord, you are asking me the right question: first of all, basketball can not be a master in a day or two (Kobe Bryant has 1000 shots every day). Basketball players have this feeling. The hand feel is very good these days, but it will be bad in a few days, and they feel uncomfortableWho is the most accurate player in NBA basketball
Ray Allen's three-point, basket breakthrough and emergency stop jump shot are all excellent. There is no T-Mac or AI level startup speed, and the change of direction in front of the body is not as gorgeous as SF3, but it is also easy and enjoyable. When I was young, I occasionally went to the basket to burst the button, but relying on the unexpected take-off and lightning speed jump shot after the breakthrough is a landmark actionWhat is a remake in basketball
When playing basketball, a remake means a second dribble. The second dribble is that after you stop dribbling, you do not pass or shoot, but continue dribbling, and you will be punished as a second dribble violation. The specific explanation of the second dribble is: when the player who has obtained the control ball throws, beats or rolls the ball on the groundBeginner: I want to learn to play basketball well. How should I practice? I am 16 years old, 171cm tall, bouncing, jumping in place can
Practice dribbling first. You should find teaching videos on the Internet. Dribbling is the foundation. You can't pursue too fancy actions at the beginning. The simpler, the simpler and more practical. To practice dribbling, you need to find a sense of the ball and practice with both your left and right hands at the same time. It is taught in this high school sports textbook. Dribbling is the foundation of basketball, and the most important thing is rhythmMy classmates always say that my body is stiff when I play basketball dribble. What should I do
The ball feeling is the first ★ move the stationary ball in place, squat in place, and put the ball on the ground. During practice, use your fingers and wrists tPlay basketball again  basketball trainingo hit the ball, use the rebound effect of the ball to hit the ball, and then slowly hit the ball into a "dead ball". ★ the fixed arm dribble preparation posture is the same as aboveI didn't play after my leg was injured. What if I can't play now? Do I practice again or give up
It is not clear whether you are playing for your own hobby or fitness exercise, or whether you want to join a professional team in the future. In addition, will your injury be affected by sports that are not easy to do in the future? In general, you must have played before and have the foundation. You don't need to practice again, even now
Play basketball again basketball training

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