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Fat people play basketball too many fouls

2022-06-23 02:35Live matches
Summary: Fat people play basketballThe feeling on the hand can tell whether the ball can be scored or not. 3. there are too many fouls. I guess you are reckless in playing. You can practice more passing moves
Fat people play basketball
The feeling on the hand can tell whether the ball can be scored or not. 3. there are too many fouls. I guess you are reckless in playing. You can practice more passing moves after you practice the dribble. You can practice more in changing direction, turning around and changing speed. Don't run rampant when playing basketball. It's easy to hurt othersCan fat people play basketFat people play basketball  too many foulsbFat people play basketball  too many foulsall
This is really a bit awkward. If you play as a centerFat people play basketball  too many fouls, you are a little short. Before you can play as a small player, the most important thing is to exercise, strive to lose weight and run more. If you shoot, you should first master the shooting posture and skills, and then continue to practice. In this way, the shooting hit rate and stability will certainly be improved. You should exercise moreWhy is there always a fat man with quick movements on the basketball court? Can a fat man also play basketball well
Being fat can also throw the ball well, or break through by dribbling when facing two plus one. Isn't O'Neal a typical fat basketball player? When he dribbles, no one dares to get close. I'm kidding. Nobody wants to die. Go face to face with O'NealCan fat people play basketball? How
Of course you can. However, you should exercise your physical fitness first, run first, and practice dribbling. Then learn to lay up. Step by stepA fat man is not flexible in playing basketball. Will he be flexible in playing basketball after losing weight? Why
Weight loss, increased flexibility and reduced physical energy consumption per unit time are conducive to long-term exercise. In addition, after weight loss, the elbow and wrist are released, and the shooting and dribbling will be more convenient
Is playing basketball fat or thin? I am fat
Fat but need dexterity. Fat doesn't mean clumsiness. Good health is popular everywhereWhich position is suitable for a fat man to play basketball
This depends on your personal preference, and also depends on what game you play. The following analysis: if you have a personal preference, you can play according to your personal preference. Don't choose any position. As long as you play different games with your heart, you can play well on different occasions; If there is no personal preference, it depends on the competition and heightAre very fat people suitable for playing basketball
Whether you are fat or not is not a problem that hinders playing basketball. The important thing is to be willing to play basketball. Looking at the retired O'Neal in the NBA, he is also very fat, but he is the invincible basketball overlord!! Play hard, hope to adopt
The harm of playing basketball to the bones due to obesity
Obesity is one of the typical modern urban diseases. Modern people eat more high-fat and high protein foods, and their digestion and absorption are insufficient. They "hoard" excess nutrients aFat people play basketball  too many foulst the waist and back, and so on. It looks like "wealth". On the other hand, it will lead to a series of diseases, including hypertension, diabetes, arterial stiffness, cardiovascular disease and so onWhat position is suitable for fat people to play basketball
It doesn't necessarily depend on his skills. Generally, fat people tend to play on the inside. Because they have physical advantages, they can well limit the opponent's attack on the inside and create more trouble for the opponent. In terms of attack, because you have weight, you can rely on your physical advantages and play in while sitting
Fat people play basketball too many fouls

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