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Don't understand NBA, basketball, and me

2022-06-29 10:02Live matches
Summary: Boyfriend likes basketball and NBA. I don't know what to do. From what I know_ Baidu knowsCongratulations 23333 you have a boyfriend who likes basketball. A boyfriend who likes basketball is always
Boyfriend likes basketball and NBA. IDon't understand NBA, basketball, and me don't know what to do. From what I know_ Baidu knows
Congratulations 23333 you have a boyfriend who likes basketball. A boyfriend who likes basketball is always the best in the NBA. Every boy who loves basketball will pay attention to the game. I suggest you get familiar with some active players. First, ask your boyfriend what position he plays. If he says he plays point guard, you can go to see itBoys don't know what the NBA is
There are many kinds of sports. Those who like basketball basically know NBA. NBA is the league with the highest competitive level in the basketball industry at present. The NBA consists of 30 teams, including 15 teams in the West and 15 teams in the East. There are 30 teams in total, 29 of which belong to American teams, and only the Toronto Raptors of the Eastern League belong to CanadaI just came into contact with basketball, but I don't understand the rules of basketball at all. Who can tell me
Each team has five people, and the basket points are your own and your opponent's. You should protect your own pitches to your opponent's pitches, and your own pitches are counted as opponent's scores. If there is a three-point line, 3 points will be obtained outside the three-point line, including jumping off and landing into the line outside the three-point line, and 2 points will be obtained for shooting inside the line. With the ball, you can move with one foot but not walkHow is basketball playing in the fire? Compared with NBA? I don't know basketball, but as far as viewing is concerned, it can be compared with
Can not compare, the NBA level is recognized as the highest, a dunk block is better than a basketball fire. TV dramas are all special effects, not really playing gamesI like watching CBA and NBA, but I don't know how to play basketball well. Why
Because you haven't practiced, you haven't practiced the technology, and you don't have the experience of technology! So you should go to the appropriate to temper, a hundred square into steel! However, the basketball game should also be watched! You can learn some technical essence! No one is born to be able to Don't understand NBA, basketball, and mecontrol basketball freely. Only by trying many times can we learn it wellI like watching CBA and NBA, but I don't know how to play basketball well. Why
If you like watching basketball, you may not be able to play basketball. When watching a basketDon't understand NBA, basketball, and meball game, you should pay attention to understand the playing methods and skills, and then you can practice yourself at ordinary times. Only in this way can you make progress
... Which star is awesome? My classmates are always talking about NBA, but I don't understand anything
Recently, Kobe Bryant has become the youngest Mr. 30000. The first black starter was in 1963, which is too much... Each era has its own characters. It is suggested to take a look at the NBA chronicle and listen to them for a little understanding. If you want to like basketball because of this, it will be betterWhat does it feel like to never play basketball but always watch the NBA? Can they understand
Answer: in fact, watching football is a hobby. Why take it so seriously. I used to watch my friends play when I was at school, but watching NBA was very interesting. Since they graduated, I have rarely watched the ball, but I still often watch the NBA. People who often play ball don't know how to understand itWhat if I don't understand the NBA
Take your time. First listen to the explanations carefully, ask the people around you about the rules of basketball, and then watch a few more games. As long as you love basketball and have the will and hobby, you will understand it soonI don't understand NBA. I can't find a topic with people who like basketball every time. How can I begiDon't understand NBA, basketball, and men to understand NBA
If you are a football star, you can make videos and introductions on the Internet, but how a team works depends on the video. Like today's Christmas War, I didn't sleep to watch it. If only you started to touch. By the way, a brief understanding of CCTV commentary can make you look like a person who understands basketball
Don't understand NBA, basketball, and me

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