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Playing basketball with bad breath if a person has bad breath

2022-06-28 04:34Live matches
Summary: People who often brush their teeth and often play basketball still have bad breath. WhyIf a person has bad breath, there will often be embarrassing situations in life or work. Because you have bad bre
People who often brush their teeth and often play basketball still have bad breath. Why
If a person has bad breath, there will often be embarrassing situations in life or work. BecauPlaying basketball with bad breath  if a person has bad breathse you have bad breath, people will smell it when you talk to others. When others dislike you, this situation is very embarrassing, so you dare not speak to others when talkingA very urgent question
The cause and cure of halitosis the so-called halitosis (also called "breath") is the unpleasant breath that makes others bored and embarrasses oneself. Don't underestimate the small problem of halitosis. It will make people (especially young people) dare not have close contact with people, resulting in inferiority complexWhat if you have bad breath
 Those who have a tone of voice must take measures immediately, and don't let others avoid them. 85% of the breath is caused by sulfur producing anaerobic bacteria, which usually live below the surface of the throat and tongue. When these bacteria come into contact with proteins in the process of digestion, they will decompose at a high speed and turn into disgusting volatile sulfide (VSC). The tea polyphenols contained in tea can kill the bacteria that cause halitosis. This bacteria can produce unpleasant volatile sulfur compounds, which is a major cause of halitosis. The intervention of tea can fundamentally cut off the source of this odor. Yunnan Baiyao brand enjoys a good reputation both at home and abroad. It is a century old brand of Chinese products for hemostasis, detumescence and pain relief, and promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. Yunnan Baiyao toothpaste is an oral care and health care product developed by taking toothpaste as the carrier and drawing on international advanced oral care and health care technology
Does the spine swell, the waist swell, and the chest have some dull pain
There are many reasons for acne. Acne on different parts of the face is caused by acne on the forehead: high pressure, bad temper, resulting in anger and blood circulation problems. Early to bed and early to rise, drink plenty of water. Acne between eyebrows: chest tightness, arrhythmia, palpitation. Don't do too much exercise, avoid smoking and drinkingChronic gastritis
Chronic gastritis refers to various chronic gastric mucosal inflammatory lesions caused by different causes. It is a common disease. Chronic gastritis lacks specific symptoms, and the severity of symptoms is not consistent with the degree of gastric mucosal lesions. Most patients often have no symptoms or dyspepsia symptoms of different degrees, such as epigastric dull pain, anorexia, and fullness after mealsBoys are half naked when playing basketball. Should this be advocated
Take off your coat during the break. Your sweat will dry faster anPlaying basketball with bad breath  if a person has bad breathd your body will be a little more comfortable. Most basketball players are disgusted with taking off their tops. When playing basketball, there is a lot of physical contact. When the physical confrontation is fierce, there is a great chance that the face will touch the other person's body. If the oPlaying basketball with bad breath  if a person has bad breathpposite person is naked, he will inevitably eat a big mouthful of sweat, which is quite disgustingHow to solve the problem of bad breath
In fact, halitosis is not caused by the mouth, but by the intestines. Pay attention to a reasonable diet. Eat more vegetables and fruits. Don't stay up late. Don't think about it. It may also play a role in your heart. Lack of sleep can also cause gastroinPlaying basketball with bad breath  if a person has bad breathtestinal discomfortHow about playing basketball on an empty stomach in the morning
It is not recommended to play basketball on an empty stomach in the morning, which is bad for your health. If playing basketball is for sports, it is recommended to do some soft sports, such as yoga and walking. Exercise requires proper energy. The energy source of the human body at ordinary times mainly depends on the sugars taken from the diet. However, when morning exercises are carried out on an empty stomach, the main energy source depends on fat. PeopleWhy do NBA players eat gum when playing
Do you think the people who come to watch every NBA game are basically tens of thousands of people? Are you nervous about watching your game? So they need to find something else to distract them during the game. It's good to eat gum because you can't find a psychologistMany people have a tone but don't care. In fact, which organs may send signals to you again
Finally, we should take more exercise, because only when the daily amount of exercise reaches the appropriate level, can we promote digestion of the intestines and stomach, so that halitosis will not occur. Therefore, in our daily life, we should go for a walk or run on the playground, play badminton or basketball, and let ourselves move, so as to make our body more healthyHow about drinking salt water while playing basketball
In addition to halitosis, traditional Chinese medicine believes that halitosis is mostly caused by accumulated heat in the lungs, spleen and stomach or by food retention. These things become toxins after long-term accumulation in the body. The formation of halitosis is mostly caused by the long-term accumulation of toxins in the body. Therefore, the elimination of halitosis requires the fundamental conditioning of the body
Playing basketball with bad breath if a person has bad breath

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