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Touch your hands when playing basketball

2022-06-25 16:04Live broadcast of basketball match
Summary: What about touching hands when playing basketballIn physical education class, in order to show the white, I did a dunk. I made a mistake, so I poked my finger on the basket. At that time, it was swoll
What about touching hands when playing basketball
In physical education class, in order to show the white, I did a dunk. I made a mistake, so I poked my finger on the basket. At that time, it was swollen a lot. Then I didn't care about it, but I was very careful when using my hands in my life, and I basically recovered after more than a month. Don't worry. If you can't, ask the doctor. At least get better quicklyWhat if you accidentally touch someone else's hand
It depends on what ball you play. Generally speaking, it doesn't matter as long as you don't cause a fTouch your hands when playing basketballoul or hurt others. After all, you don't mean it. Therefore, it is better to clarify what ball to look at for analysis
Can you touch each other when playing basketball? How to defend
When defending, you can touch the opponent slightly, but when the opponent shoots, you should be careful not to touch the opponent's hand. When defending, you should pay attention. Don't stick too tight. It's easy to pass by one step if you stick too closeHow to rub your fingers when playing basketball
When playing basketball and rubbing your fingers, first touch them with your hand to see if there is a fracture. If there is a fracture, go to the hospital immediately. Don't play ball or pull your finger if you don't have a fracture. No bleeding can be applied with ice. It can be relieved by using Yunnan Baiyao spray
The finger of playing basketball poked on the basketball. Now it's swollen. What should I do
Please try the following methods: take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve pain: these drugs mainly relieve symptoms through analgesic, detumescence and anti-inflammatory effects. Take the dosage according to the drug instructions until the swelling and pain of the affected finger subside. Affected finger braking: the affected finger recovers faster without force. If you hurt your finger while playing basketballDid the basketball cut the ball and hit a finger foul
For example, if you jump to interfere with or try to block the opponent's shot, but the opponent's ball goes out and you touch the opponent's finger, the referee will not call a foul under normal circumstances, provided that you can't have physical contact; If you take off vertically and raise your hands vertically, your opponent's hand will hit your hand when shootingPlaying basketball, someone else's shot, hit his hand, is it a foul
The principle of hand ball integration: when the offensive player shoots, the defensive player actTouch your hands when playing basketballively defends and decisively blocks the shot. When the shooting player gets the ball, he accidentally touches the shooting player and gets it, that is, "hand ball integration", which is allowed by the rules. The defeTouch your hands when playing basketballnsive player should not be judged as a thugIs it a foul to touch the opponent's hand when making a steal in basketball
This is not a foul. When you dribble with your right hand, the other side hits you around. It is just a simple physical contact. It is not a foul. And even if you hit yTouch your hands when playing basketballour ball handler, if the ball and the hand hit it together, you can also not make a foul. The latter situation mainly depends on the referee's scaleIs it a foul to hit the opponent's finger in basketball
When I play basketball, I always hurt my fingers easily. How to protect
Due to the fierce confrontation in basketball, fingers are easy to be injured in activities. After finger injury, stop exercise immediately, and then rinse with cold water for several minutes to avoid serious swelling and congestion. If the injury is not particularly serious and you need to continue playing because of the game, you should use elastic bandages to fix it
Touch your hands when playing basketball

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