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Old Zhan plays basketball he is also changing himself

2022-06-24 03:13Live broadcast of basketball match
Summary: James plays ball purely on his body without any skills. Is this statement reasonableAs James grows older, he is also constantly changing himself. Especially after leaving the heat, James' three-poi
James plays ball purely on his boOld Zhan plays basketball  he is also changing himselfdy without any skills. Is this statement reasonable
As James grows older, he is also constantly changing himself. Especially after leaving the heat, James' three-point skills have been continuously improved. The three-point hit rate in the 14-15 season is 35.4%, the 16-17 season is 36.3%, the 17-18 season is 36.7%, and the 18-19 season is 3
How does it feel to watch old Zhan play
In the interview, Lakers president Jeanne buss talked about LeBron James, the current core player of the team. "NBA games look very interesting and attractive on TV, but it must be said that when you watch James play at close range, you will find how tall and fast he is," said Jeanne bass
Why do you think James is not as light and fast in dunking as he just entered the NBA_ Baidu
Then, if the playing time is unreasonable, old Zhan's physical strength will still be exhausted quickly. For example, in the 21-22 season, Lao Zhan averaged 35+ minutes per game, and the 37 year old still had to carry it like this. Who can guarantee that the attack and defense are excellent in this situation? This is impossible. If you look at the playing methods in recent seasonsZhan, 36, is still active in the NBA this year. Why is he so strong
Why can Lao Zhan maintain a stable performance for 17 years? First of all, of course, it is due to his strong physical talOld Zhan plays basketball  he is also changing himselfent that is rarely seen in a century! Barkley, Chamberlain, Kobe Bryant and other famous stars have praised James' terrible body, saying that they have seen it in their livesObjectively analyze what LeBron James' playing skills belong to the top level
In contrast, I have to sigh that Lao Zhan's ability to protect his body is really excellent. Basketball IQ. For example, the overall view and field control ability belong to the category of basketball IQ. In this regard, old Zhan and Paul belong to the first rank in the league. Not only did he organize the attack, but he also often saw through the opponent's tactical movement and directly cut and pass the basketballHow did James play 10 years ago
It has been 17 years since James made his NBA debut. For comparison, the average career length of NBA players is only 4.8 years, which means that old Zhan has topped the careers of three NBA players. Turning over JamOld Zhan plays basketball  he is also changing himselfes' career data, you will find that since the rookie season, his score has never been lower than 25James broke through 37000 points. What were the highlights of his basketball career
However, LeBron completed this incredible kill. The quick loan center was full of excitement, and the whole school was also full of excitement here. In that era when there was only text live broadcast on mobile phones, the broadcaster played "James" on a full screen&# 8203; The 12-year East finals of G6 and the 12-year East finals of eye of deathOld Zhan, the All-Star soccer bully, has been in C position with the ball for 13 consecutive years. What is the status quo now
Since the year of 18, the rules of AOld Zhan plays basketball  he is also changing himselfll-Star have changed. It is no longer the eastern and western regions, but the commanders of the eastern and Western forces. Old Zhan's team includes big name players such as Owen, Wei Shao, Durant and thick eyebrow. There are also several coaches in the group photo. James is still sitting in the middle with his basketball. Last year James was the All Star Ticket winner againOld Zhan fought in nba17, which season was the strongest
The pride of heaven! Old Zhan fought in nba17. Why do they say he is the strongest this season? James received the attention of countless fans as soon as he made his debut. Soon after he entered the league, he became the No. 1 Cavaliers and led the team into the playoffs for many times. Although early James in order to win the heat, he was questioned by the outside worldHow about James' acceleration ability in training? Is there a breakthrough in explosive power
First, the body is strong. This can be seen from James' body shape and dunk action. People who often watch old Zhan play know that when James first entered the league and reached his peak, especially in the Cavaliers and heat, he mainly made breakthroughs, and the basket attack and low post singles were his main scoring methods. Break and fast break
Old Zhan plays basketball he is also changing himself

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