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I'm not afraid to play basketball

2022-06-23 02:55Live broadcast of basketball match
Summary: Playing basketball is not terribleAt this time, everyone's eyes focused on the ball. It hit the neck of the blue basket, bounced onto the basket, and finally bounced into the basket. I felt a sigh
Playing basketball is not terrible
At this time, everyone's eyes focused on the ball. It hit the neck of the blue basket, bounced onto the basket, and finally bounced into the basket. I felt a sigh of relief, and our team members' momentum increased greatly. Finally, we eliminated them byI'm not afraid to play basketball 5:2... The sunset gradually disappeared into the cityWhen playing basketball, how can we not be afraid to rebound with them
You don't need to be afraid of anything. The more you are afraid of hands and feet, the less you can play your level. To grab the board under the basket, we must first predict the ball thrown, block the position, and find the best position for grabbing the board. At the same time, lower your weight and bend your legs ready to take off at any time. Hold your opponent with open arms when you are stuck. You'd better take off your hands and hold them tightly when grabbingHow to play basketball without being nervous and afraid of being cut off when dribbling
Hehe, I started playing basketball in Grade 5 and 6 of primary school. I have practiced hard and stuck to it until now, so I have encountered all the problems you encounter! To tell the truth, until now I have a lot of dissatisfaction with myselfHow can I play basketball without fear of being hit by the ball? When I see the ball flying, I drop the racket. No
First of all, you need to overcome your psychological fear. Don't be afraid of the ball. Next, you need to have a standard catch action. Your hands are open in a figure of eight and open slightly outward. This is a standard catch action. It can also ensure that your hands don't eat dried radish, use your hands to protect your body, and your hands can also be protected from injury. Is it safe for you? Look at the landlordHow to play without fear of the body against the breakthrough of self-confidence
Keep a good attitude, build up self-confidence and be brave to try. In the process of playing basketball with others, I began to try to fight with others physically. I found that my body was not weak. I could fight with others physically as long as I paid attention to my skills. After trying again and againHow to play basketball without tenI'm not afraid to play basketballsion
I used to play basketball very nervous. I didn't know what to do on the court, especially when someone was watching! I'll give you a method I've used. Play in a crowded place. Be thick skinned. What are you afraid of? Just go to a crowded place often. Then you won't be afraid of yourself~
How to overcome the fear, nervousness, not daring to collide with others and avoiding others in playing basketball
First of all, of course, you should have enough physical quality. If you buI'm not afraid to play basketballmp into someone who is much worse, you will be asking for trouble. They also need toI'm not afraid to play basketball have certain skills. They have strong ball control ability and fast enough. If others can't react, they will pass. As for psychology, playing is to enjoy basketball. Take it easyHow can I play basketball without fear of people taller than myself
For example, if you have good speed and control of the ball, you can shake him to break through the high center of gravity, which is easy to be thrown away, or if you shoot well, you can shoot without waiting for him to come up. It's useless for him to be high. In short, you can use your strengths to hit his weaknesses. In addition, you can practice hard and have high confidence. No matter how tall the opponent is, you are not afraid to defendWhy do basketball players wear so few clothes that they are not afraid of the cold
Once a person moves and the blood circulation of the whole body accelerates, he will not feel cold, and he will even sweat all over his head. But they are not really afraid of cold. Once they stop, they will feel coldHow to overcome the fear of playing basketball
5. Look at those famous players, who didn't make mistakes in key games, how are you better than them? Can you make no mistakes? Impossible, so don't ask too much of yourself! 6. laugh at basketball. In the final analysis, it's just a game. Even the most important game is just a game. It doesn't mean everything
I'm not afraid to play basketball

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