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2022-06-23 16:05Basketball schedule
Summary: Why was huanghongsheng a man of the moment when he was at Huagang art school? WhyHe is handsome and has a good personality. He is not difficult to get along with. And at that time, Xiaogui was the fir
Why was huanghongsheng a man of the moment when he was at Huagang art school? Why
He is handsome and has a good personality. He is not difficult to get along with. And at that time, Xiaogui was the first one to enter Huagang. The situation is also because it is necessary to appear in front of all the teachers and students of the school. I think the main thing is personality~~
Imp magic shoes. It's about a child playing basketball,. The shoes are hung on the electric pole. After being thundered, they are beaten
Kevin is excited. I thought it was just an ordinary cushion performance, but Kevin and Tessie and all the audience present at that time wilDo kids play basketballl never forget it. Kevin, wearing Jordan basketball shoes, broke through tessi's defense three times and made shots, including dunks. It's incredible for this 5-foot-tall boyZhangchenlei's information
The inDo kids play basketballteresting "kid" zhangchenlei described by teachers and students since zhangchenlei stepped onto the stage of "dream of China", the self-study classroom of Shenyang Yuefu music school has become the "branch venue" of the competition: from 7:30, students will sit in front of the TV on time and watch their classmate zhangchenlei go through the customsCaixukun, a netizen who plays a trick, doesn't matter if he cukes casually. Is online violence everywhere
Yang, Su and AI re played Cai Xukun's basketball black stem in front of the kids in the program, which met with numerous netizens' head-on attacks and even some netizens' ridicule, and established an aikun protection law. Originally, it was a joke that may not pass through the forehead, but it was played in this public occasion of the programXiaoqiang and Xiaogui are playing basketball
Xiaoqiang and Xiaogui are playing basketball. English: Xiaoqiang and Xiaogui are now playing basketballWhat is the reason for the death of the imp huanghongsheng? How is his relationship with his first love Rainie Yang
According to Taiwanese media, Huang Hongsheng died because he slipped and hit his head in the bathroom. No one found him and died. According to the preliminary investigation of the police, Huang Hongsheng had the water in the bathroom and his clothes were on, but his pants were half off and he was lying down at the bathroom door. He was suspected of sudden death. There were no drugs, bottles of wine and the kid suffered from mouth and nose bleeding at the sceneAI re makes fun of caixukun. Is it a little disrespectful
The tutor lineup of the program is weak, and the background is not strong enough. In addition, the most controversial point recently is that in the program, AI re, as a tutor, asked the kid if he could play basketball, and then the kid said: “ Press &rdquoNinepercent nine strength, in the end who is stronger
Zhuzhengting was supposed to talk about him with brother ting. Beibei said he wanted to sing, but he didn't sing well because he didn't have time to practice. Maybe he thought so from the PPAP sheet (I beat the PPAP into a little apple before, but no one found it. Ha ha ha ha ha ha). He sighed in a low voice and spoke in a mid tone, but later sangWang Linkai has a great figure. How does he practice
Kids usually pay attention to their diet. They eat more fruits and vegetables, chicken, beef and other meat. They pay attention to balanced nutrition. In addition, they practice dancing and exercise every day. Can they be in a bad shape? Keep running for 30 minutes every day, go to the gym for exercise, do some aerobic exercise, and usually ask friends to play basketball, swim, etcAI re plays with the terrier. The kid replied that it was a dangerous speech. Why was he scolded
In the official gags released by the program group, the following dialogue appeared. In the dialogue between AI re and the kid, AI re played a CAI Xukun's basketball stem, but the kid didn't take it
Do kids play basketball

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