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I feel sleepy playing basketball

2022-06-24 10:03Basketball game video
Summary: How to play basketball with excessive fatigueTo strengthen your diet, you can refer to the following nutritional suggestions: eating more food fiber can slow down the body's absorption of sugar, so
How to play basketball with excessive fatigue
To strengthen your diet, you can refer to the following nutritional suggestions: eating more food fiber can slow down the body's absorption of sugar, so that blood sugar can rise slowly and steadily. Whole wheat food, black beans and apples cI feel sleepy playing basketballontain a large amount of dietary fiber, which can also be considered as an additional mealI feel sleepy when I play basketball. Why
Lack of exercise is another question. If you don't have time to exercise, you can run at night, whI feel sleepy playing basketballich is a very effective way to exerciseWhy do I want to sleep when I play basketball
The simplest way is to have a rest or take a nap before playing basketball, so you won't feel sleepy when playing basketball! You can drink Red Bull drink. It's really refreshing! I don't feel sleepy after drinking a bottleI haven't played basketball for a long time. I went to play basketball yesterday. Today, I feel sore all over my body. I'm in a bad mood. I'm very sleepy
Answer: This is caused by the accumulation of lactic acid in the body after a long time without exercise. Don't worry. Just rest for a few daysEvery time I finish playing basketball, my head is very dizzy. I always want to sleep. What's the matter
Not all professional athletes will feel dizzy and tired after intense sports. This is due to the loss of heat and water in the body, resulting in low oxygen carrying capacity in the blood. On the one hand, it is recommended to exercise appropriately according to your own quality. On the other hand, it is recommended to supplement energy and water in time during and after exercise, such as chocolate, which containsAfter work, I went to play basketball. I played very intensely, but why do I always feel sleepy and want to close my eyes on the court
Office workers' lack of exercise in the office all day makes their body muscles and physical strength different from those in the past. It may be that they are too tired at work. They should adjust their running for a period of time to enhance their physical strength. They should get better
Is it because of strenuous exercise that you feel pain and sleepiness near your temples after playing basketball
Yes, yes, I also have this feeling because I don't wear enough clothes. It's so cold. I often have this situation when playing in cold days. Because the terrain of our school is relatively high and the wind is strong. When playing, I just have to stop for a while. The cold wind blows and hurts my temples! Put on more clothes. Even if you sweat, you still need to put on a coatEvery time after playing basketball, the back waist is painful and sleepy. I can't straighten up. How about a few days
Maybe your waist strength is too high or not standardHow can you play basketball without fatigue
Reasonably allocate the physical strength of the whole process. Avoid violent confrontation and singles when the body is tired and out of breath. You can try to cut the air, or catch and shoot the ball. When the breath is stable, you can work harder! After all, you have to like this sport and play morePlaying basketball
3. Find out the feeling of shooting, use the correct shooting posture, and master the parabola of the ball. 4. practice dribbling well, and then try to dribble thI feel sleepy playing basketballe whole court to and fro the layup and around obstacles every day. When you are skilled, your natural sI feel sleepy playing basketballpeed is faster. I also play basketball. I'm on the school team. I was injured because I didn't warm up. I can't play anymore
I feel sleepy playing basketball

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