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JKL playing basketball

2022-06-24 05:39Basketball game video
Summary: What exactly is JKLJKL (jackeylove) generally refers to Yu Wenbo. Yuwenbo (competition id:jackeylove), born on November 18, 2000 in Huanggang City, Hubei Province, is a professional player of the hero
What exactly is JKL
JKL (jackeylove) generally refers to Yu Wenbo. Yuwenbo (competition id:jackeylove), born on November 18, 2000 in Huanggang City, Hubei Province, is a professJKL playing basketballional player of the hero League and a director of ADC. Now he works for the taobo E-sports club. In 2016, yuwenbo began to participate in professional competitionsOn dreven, is JKL better or Vincent better
Vincent rarely has a downwind situation. Even if he wins the game, he is far from looking bloody in the low segment. However, in recent years, in the history of LPL professional league, those who dare to take out dreven and play a wonderful performance, I believe that the old audience only remember two people, one is SS team crystalHow to arrange the schedule of 12 basketball teams
The 12 teams used ABCDEFGHIJKL to replace the first round A-B, C-D, E-F, g-h, I-J, K-L, the second round a-c, B-D, E-G, F-H, i-k, J-L, the third round A-D, B-C, E-H, F-G, I-L, J-K, the fourth round A-E, B-F, C-I, D-J, G-K, H-L and the fifth roundSome people say that the upper limit of Uzi is like this, but JKL has just started, and its future is limitless. Is it reasonable
Of course, as one of the earliest LPL players, Uzi has played for 7 years, while jackey love is a Post-00 player with unlimited future. Uzi made its debut in 2012, long past the golden age of E-sports. In recent games, it is quite good that he can maintain such a stateTo what extent can JKL surpass Uzi? Will JKL always be under the shadow of Uzi
Then JKL will live in the shadow of others all his lifJKL playing basketballe, and it is difficult to reach a higher level. In fact, from the perspective of strength, the overall strength of JKL and Uzi is not much different, but JKL has just entered the league. It has played few professional competitions and won few honors. However, over time, it must be able to create its own mythAfter ig lost ashui, he immediately missed the world championship. Can we say that JKL is a bJKL playing basketballastard ad
Then in the sparring group, Ig finally got off West and replaced JKL. As a result, Ig got on ashui. During the sparring period of the world championship, the three teams fighting in S7 kept complaining. Even in the program, Uzi directly complained about “ Their mentality has collapsed ”. In the S8 season, jackeylove officially landed in LPL at Ig. AfterWhat is the level of JKL's talent in LPL? What do you think
He dares to fight and fight. This is the young ad of LPL. In the interviewWhen did JKL, Casa and the left players land in the LPL division
On january15,2018, the SN of knight, the golden left hand, lost to the top at that time, while the Ig of jackeylove lost to the RNG with karsa. For knight and JKL, their debut ended in failure. What they never thought of was that two years laterPuff and JKL, is puff like a "tool man"
In terms of theJKL playing basketball executive power of group warfare, only rookie led Ig out of confusion. But it didn't help. In the spring competition, Ig didn't make good results. On the contrary, JKL helped tes overcome difficulties after joining tes, once defeated the strong teams of RNG and EDG, and finally lost to JDG, and won the second place in the spring competition. Puff did not adapt to Ig's style of regimental warfare. InLeague of Heroes: JKL has become a key man again. Tes has defeated we. Can they win the summer competition
As a result, LNG and EDG both defeated DMO and es with a score of 2-0. Unfortunately, EDG, if you play this game earlier, won't you be able to enter the playoffs? Alas, study S11 early and come back next year. TEs and we played three rounds, and finally tes defeated we by a 2-1 match
JKL playing basketball

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