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Sunming plays basketball I don't know how

2022-06-24 02:04Basketball game video
Summary: In the 2019-2020 season, who is the better defender of CBA between sun Minghui and Guo AllenLiaoning team without Aaron Guo will not play very badly, but without sun Minghui, Guangsha team will be lik
In the 2019-2020 season, who is Sunming plays basketball  I don't know howthe better defender of CBA between sun Minghui and Guo Allen
Liaoning team without Aaron Guo will not play very badly, but without sun Minghui, Guangsha team will be like headless flies and do not know how to play. In the basketball world cup, sun Minghui's performance should be slightly better than that of Aaron Guo, but both of them still have a lot of room for progress and look forward to their follow-up performanceHow to evaluate sun Minghui's dunk in this year's all star dunk contest
Karoo point and arm swing are all tests of body control. That day, I watched him warm up at the scene. A big windmill took off on the three second line. Its speed and height were no less than those of black athletes. It was fried with chicken sticks. If Xiao Sun had stronger upper limbs, he would have made further progress. Come on, Chinese basketballSunminghui defeated guoallen twice. Can he replace guoallen
It's a bright spot. If the stability and projectiSunming plays basketball  I don't know howon ability are improved, I believe he has a great chance to win the opportunity of the national team's starting point guard, but the opportunity is reserved for those who are ready. We also hope that more outstanding talents can emerge to make Chinese basketball brilliant againI want to play basketball. Who do you like best
For the current development of basketball, it is not difficult to see from the world cup that the rapid development of European basketball is obvious to all. In particular, in addition to continuously sending excellent players to the NBA, our own league development and intercontinental competitions and exchanges are hundreds of times stronger than our own. Of course, we also hope that our league system can be more perfect and developedGuoallen, sunminghui and zhaojiwei were absent one after another! Will Dufeng reuse Wu Qian
Guoallen, born on November 14, 1993 in Liaoyang City, Liaoning Province, is a Chinese professional basketball player and a professional point guard. Now he is working for the Benxi Steel basketball team of Liaoning Hengrun Feibao club. Aaron Guo's father practiced playing basketball since childhoodA movie
It's qiaozhenyu. Title: Dragon leaping and Tiger Leaping Starring: hongjinbao, fanshaohuang, Liangzheng, zhengpeipei, qiaozhenyu, a dangerous road in the Jianghu, two generations of gratitude and resentment can't stand. During the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties, on theSunming plays basketball  I don't know how Chinese Silk Road, there was an outstanding horse thief whose surname was Lu Zhengyang (hung Jinbao). He has a brotherly brother namedSunminghui cut 30+ quasi triple doubles angrily. Why did Liaoning men's basketball team lose to Guangxia by a big score
It is worth mentioning that, in order to prevent guoallen from breaking through, Zhejiang Guangxia arranged many people to mark him, which made guoallen very frustrated. The rhythm of the Liaoning men's basketball team was also quite chaotic, so it was not difficult to understand the loss. The second reason is that the inner line of Liaoning men's basketball team is too weakSun Minghui averaged 36 points, 2.5 rebounds, 8.5 assists and 5.0 steals. Why is it controversial
But then again, if last season, it would not have been controveSunming plays basketball  I don't know howrsial to win the best week with an average of 36+2.5+8.5+5.0 per game, but not in the first week of this season. This just shows the progress of Chinese basketball. The better local players play, the better Chinese basketball will beCut 45 points and was eliminated. Why was sunminghui black
Sun Ming scored 45 points, while the Fujian three giants scored 95 points, and lost to team basketball alone. The single arrow attacks the three giants and wants to destroy the city and pull out the stronghold with one's own strength. The egotist hero ball has no chance of winning and is doomed to lose the space for development and progress. The battle of life lost its foundation. Focus on personal actingHurry!! Contact information of sunming in Yancheng City! His QQ number, etc
Why are you looking for my brother
Sunming plays basketball I don't know how

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