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How about European basketball

2022-06-22 20:04Basketball game video
Summary: How about European basketballSpain's surprise in the finals vividly illustrates the characteristics of European basketball. If their core star Pau Gasol had not been injured in the semi-finals, it
How about European basketball
Spain's surprise in the finals vividly illustrates the characteristics of European basketball. If their core star Pau Gasol had not been injured in the semi-finals, it is hard to imagine that Spain could have played such a crazy overall strategy at the beginning of the game. The European basketball system of "integrity first and defense first"European national basketball leagues
Of course, European countries have their own national leagues. The teams that can participate in the European Basketball Super League are the excellent clubs in the national leagues. Among the basketball leagues of all European countries, the leagues of Italy, Greece and Spain are the most popular, known as the three major basketball leagues in Europe. Among the threeEuropean Championship Basketball League match system
It is divided into group competition and elimination competition. The European Basketball League divides 24 teams into four groups a, B, C and D, with 6 teams in each gHow about European basketballroup playing the first stage of group games. The top 4 teams in each group enter the second stage of the group competition. The 16 teams that are promoted are divided into two groups E and F, with 8 teams in each groupWhat are the stars of the European Basketball League
In my impression, it seems that Chinese players generally have this idea. Everyone will take the NBA as the first basketHow about European basketballball league, because it has the highest salary, the most fans, the greatest influence and the highest audience rating in the basketball league. In fact, it all benefits from the perfect commercial operation of the NBA, but we can't deny that EuropeWhat is the difference between playing basketball in Europe and NBA in the United States
Playing in Europe now earns no less money than the NBA, but the level of the European League is incomparable with the NBA. No matter from the commercialization of broadcasting or the attention of fans, it is not as good as commercial games like the NBA
Is the European basketball game good? What's the level
European basketball is mainly team basketball, which emphasizes cooperation and has a high level. Back then, manuginobili led Argentina to beat the dream team and win the gold medal. China can barely make it into the top 8 in Europe. If you think CBA is good, European basketball will not be so badWhat are the main characteristics of European basketball? And what are the technical characteristics of European playing
Looking at the top eight teams of the 29th Olympic Games, European teams occupy five seats. We can find that the new trend of world basketball is emerging. An obvious feature is that the mainstream center of competitive basketball is developing towards EuropeDoes anyone play basketball in Europe
Some people in Europe do play basketball as if I like basketball best, but sometimes I play badminton and diving. Football is the favorite of Europeans, Latin Americans, Africans and Western Asians, but sometimes I play some non mainstream sports, such as badmintonWhat is the strength of a strong European basketball team if they play in the NBA
NBA, the strongest Basketball League, is the gathering place of the most talented players. The European Basketball League may be the closest to the NBA in terms of level, but there is still a big gap between them in terms of talent and strengthIntroduce European basketball leagues and elite teams
The impact of European basketball on NBA (Part 2): let's know whether the European League and ULEB have made a bad impression on the EuropHow about European basketballean basHow about European basketballketball market. Unlike UEFA, which controls European national teams and club events, UEFA now hosts club events
How about European basketball

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